A Cliched Lovestory

Two years ago, today, they got married. And looking back at their journey, you can’t help but notice that it’s a walking talking RomCom movie!

They went to the same school but were hardly friends back then. After school, he opted for engineering while she pursued medical studies. That’s when they reconnected – over emails. And then after extremely adorable exchange of emails, he finally asked her out. She was far removed from any kind of romance. But she still agreed to go on the date.

I still remember anxiously waiting for her to come back from the date and tell me every last detail of it! I knew that this was no ordinary date. Her blushing and beaming just confirmed it for me.

And sure enough, they soon fell head over heels in love with each other. They were the ideal couple too! (They still are). Both of them are understanding, caring, they value family, are accepting of each other’s craziness, have welcomed each other’s friends with ease and believe in giving each other space. Most important of all, they respect each other and their relationship.

But like every RomCom, their story too needed a twist. Hello long distance! After completing his graduation he decided to go to the USA for his masters. And soon, she too moved to Mangalore to complete hers.

They endured it all. It was like a cheesy video montage. Different countries, time zones, work load, studies and just the fact that you can’t see each other. But they faced it all. Gracefully too! And they emerged victorious.

There wasn’t a single person at their wedding who thought that no one deserved to get married than these two!

School mates turned college sweethearts, a doctor and an engineer, a couple who survived long distance, what’s more they even have cliched surnames! If Karan Johar knew them (or Chetan Bhagat ;-)) we all would have definitely seen their story in the theatres!

But romance apart, the reason I admire these two is because I have seen their story. What RomComs often don’t show is the effort, energy and willingness that goes into making a healthy relationship. I have seen them do that. I have seen them care for each other, support each other through difficult times, hold on to each other to face anything that life has to offer and put in the hard work to just make it work!

They inspire people to believe that no matter what life has in store for you, true love is always worth fighting for.

So here’s wishing a very happy anniversary Joshi & Kulkarni! May you be loved and truly blessed for an eternity to come!


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