My 5th-grade Teacher had written in my Annual Report, “Keep reading; for those who read, will someday wish to write”. And that struck a chord somewhere. In times when books and novels were really a luxury for us, I would ask my Aai for new books and she would magically make them available just to encourage my reading. And I kept reading because I did believe that it would eventually help me write.


When I was in secondary school, I started writing poems and articles for the school magazine. They seem silly now, but back then, seeing my name and writing be “published” in the school magazine was a huge achievement. From then to now, what has evolved is the way I tell stories. My writing is still a little silly and I believe that that’s what makes it relatable.


As for the name “Chirpy Chapters”, people who’ve had coffee at our house in the morning will know. For those of you who don’t know, every morning our terrace has happy, chirpy visitors. They sit there for a good part of the morning and just chit-chat with each other, A LOT. It reminds me of every single time I sit down with my sisters and talk (which is practically every day).


So this is my way of expanding my chirpy circle. Hope you enjoy the journey! These are my life stories, illustrated!


PS: This is the only time I may post my photo, so gotta make sure I look decent and somewhat pretty! 😉 On normal days, I don’t dress up so much!!