She was right there when I was born, when I first opened my eyes. And since then, she has been a constant inspiration. She’s none other than – my Ajji!


Growing up, grandparents were an essential part of our lives. We are who we are because of them. Certain traits in our personalities, certain habits come from them. But Ajji was never the typical grandma. She stood out from the others (for obvious reasons).


A nurse by profession, Chaitrali and I were born right in front of her eyes. Not just that, it also meant that she was right there every time we fell sick. Making sure we take our medicines. God forbid we threw tantrums, she’d just pinch our noses, open our mouths and stuff those medicines.


If Ajoba was the one who pampered us, she was the one who ensured we didn’t get carried away with it. If Ajoba planned a feast, she would make sure we cleaned up, said our evening prayers, recited our tables and only then enjoyed our meals.


But that doesn’t mean she didn’t pamper us in her own way. She would stitch amazing and very artistic quilts and blankets out of her sarees for us because she knew we loved them. She would bake delicious nankatais every time we visited her in summers. She would make aloo vadi to add a bit of flair to the same old lunch. Pack picnics for us when Ajoba would take us hiking in Satara. Make chaat and vada-pav for evening meals because she knew we found poli bhaji boring. And best of all, she would let us play on her sewing machine! Oh what a joy it used to be!!


The kind of life she has lead is worthy of writing a book (it’ll be an inspiration for so many). But for now, this blog is just a start.


I possibly cannot fit her life’s work in this writeup. But what I know is that she is one of the most dynamic, confident, independent, kind, unintrusive, inspiring and above all the most selfless woman I have ever known.


I’ll share many more stories from her life, but before that, this is a small introduction of the one and only – Ajji!


I wish for everyone to know her the way I do!


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