Annoyed And Irritated aka AAI

Life on weekdays: “Pilu wake up, it’s late!”

Life on weekends: “Pilu wake up, it’s late!”

It’s like I can’t catch a break in my own house. And then once you’re up, she will present a cup of amazing coffee and piping hot breakfast. So now you can’t even get mad at her. Yup! That’s Aai. She will yell at you first and then pamper you with food. She will get mad at you and then midway yelling she will break into laughter. In fun conversations she will get emotional and cry. Her contrasting emotions confuse me. To which she has only one response, “You’ll understand when you have kids”


She has this innate need to constantly instruct because she thinks she knows better. Pilu wake up, it’s late. Pilu sleep, it’s late. Pilu eat this. Pilu don’t eat this. Pilu take life seriously. Pilu study a little harder. Pilu work a little harder. Pilu this! Pilu that!


My life is nothing but a long string of instructions from Aai. And when you retaliate she will get all emotional and tell you how she is doing it for your own good. How she doesn’t want you to waste your potential because you were born to be great.


But I guess all moms are like that. They will be after your life because they want you to be the best version of yourself. They will instruct the living life out of you till the point you hate their guts. But more often than not (and it breaks my heart to admit it), they are right.


The three of us always joke about how, if there ever was a statue of our Aai made, it will have an irritated expression, one hand on the hip and the other hand in air – instructing! I guess for now this illustration will have to do.


But all this drama aside, she is one of the greatest women I know. Raising three daughters to be strong, confident and independent. Taking care of our family. Staying strong in all our ups and downs. And doing it all with immense grace. She is AAI aka Awesome And Inspiring!



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