Dear Zindagi

I recently realised that more and more of the Instagram accounts I follow are talking about how their life is filled with insecurities. How they feel afraid, depressed, anxious, uncomfortable in their own skin, lonely and in general “low” most of the times.


I hear my friends talk about their problems. How they are sad that they are single. Or unhappy in their relationships. How they are heartbroken from their last break up. Facing problems with friends and family who fail to understand their situation. How they are plain unhappy with their lives. Because life has decided to be cruel to them.


Heck, even I relate to these feelings. I feel left out and ignored and lonely. Stressed and unhappy. And it makes me wonder, is no one really happy and satisfied these days? It’s not just the problem of a few individuals but of our entire generation itself. We have good education, well paying jobs, a social life and practically everything at our disposal. And yet we are unsatisfied.


Reason? I believe it’s simple. With our increased expectations, we just set ourselves up for disappointment. We expect a lot from ourselves – be it great job, fancy gadgets, sexy body or a rocking social life. We expect our family to be accommodating of our lifestyle choices, our schedules and our moods. And we expect our friends to love us unconditionally, always be in our corner and revolve their entire universe around us. What’s more? We are impatient too! Because we want all these expectations to be fulfilled NOW!


In this case, we are just bound to be let down. People fail to live up to our expectations and they will continue to do so. They have their own lives, their own trials and their own problems to deal with. But it’s up to us to not let that affect us to the extent where it just sucks all the happiness out of our lives.


People aren’t out there to target us. It’s not like they don’t love us or care about our feelings. Neither is it like if we tried and put efforts into our relationships others will not reciprocate. But it is difficult for people to “show” that affection and effort 24×7. Even if we succeed in understanding this, I believe we will be half way there. As for the remaining 50% of our concerns, with honest conversations, realistic expectations and healthy expression of our feelings, I believe we can bring about a great change in our lives.


I am not belittling anyone’s problems or insecurities (God knows I’ve dealt with them for the longest time). But I know we possess the strength to overcome those. All with just a little positive outlook towards life. Because believe it or not, the world is so busy moving forward that it’ll not even notice that you’ve been left behind.


Life isn’t so bad. It can be trying at times. And unbearable too. But nothing that our will power can’t handle. So ask for help when needed. Cry your eyes out. And scream your lungs out. Vent your anxiety. Rid yourself of negativity. Pick yourself up. Dust off your worries. Look life in the eyes and assure it that no matter what comes your way, you will be okay.


I know I will be okay!!



  • Nikhil Paranjape

    Many people around us have surrendered to Social Media. They constantly unknowingly keep comparing them selves with others…is my phone better than his? Do I dress up better than her? That is what creates unrealistic expectation. People have forgotten to love themselves. Very few compete/compare/challenge their own ‘self’ and many forget that sometimes it is ok to not be who you want to be…sometimes. The world sees you the way you see yourself.

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