Elder Sisters – Curse or a Boon

Sounds like the title of a school essay right? A topic that has caused more confusion than offer answers. The story of my life. There are times when I feel truly blessed that I have not one but two elder sisters. And then there are times when it’s an absolute horror that I have not one but two elder sisters.


Like for example, most of my childhood was tortured. They would gang up on me, tease me, laugh when I would cry, set me up with bad deals and in general get their way with things (which they still do). The upside was, dare anyone else (parents included) try to trouble me, snap at me, upset me or harm me in any way, all hell would break loose. They would fight till they were convinced I was safe and protected.


Growing up in a humble family of 7, my parents were hardly the pampering types. But my sisters always made sure I was pampered and taken care of (they still do)! Be it something as big as showering me with gifts on my birthday or something as small as buying glittery hair clips – they fulfill all my crazy demands.

Correction – rarely do I have to demand. I usually get everything without having to ask for it!


During fights when they run out of logical arguments or when they need to get work done, they will conveniently use the “I am elder to you” card. But I hardly blame them for it, because I use it too when I need something from them 😉 !


For what it’s worth, being the youngest has its pros and cons. If you keep a count of the smallest of things, it may seem there are more cons and that you are always at the receiving end. But when you think about things that really matter (like saving your ass from your parents, supporting your decisions, helping and guiding you, lending their stuff and so on) there’s nothing greater than having older siblings.


If I had a choice, I wouldn’t change a thing. All the bullying, teasing, troubling, taunting, laughing is worth it when you see them getting yelled at while you get away with stuff!! I absolutely love the fact that I have two strong, independent, accomplished, awesome, badass elder sisters!


Love you two!! You guys rock!!



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