Happy Feet

I have had this habit since college. I always take photos of our feet to mark any event, milestone, occasion or anything for that matter.

I have a photo of our feet from all trips and vacations we've had, all college events, all birthdays, all festivals, all weddings we've attended and almost every time we meet now-a-days!

And the pleasure I get from taking these photos is just out of the world. This illustration is with an attempt to capture that joy and happiness I feel every time I meet him or every time I take these photos!


The Modern Indian Goddess

Bold, strong, confident, youthful, graceful and vibrant. She is the modern Indian Goddess. She is feminine and yet has the strength to fend off any demons that stop her from achieving the greatness that she was born to achieve!

She is you, she is me, she is every Indian girl who was born with a dream of being something someday and making something of the life that she was given.

Illustration 1


Hold my hand and walk a mile

Kiss my forehead, make me smile

(I sometimes do write cheesy poems! I don't share them much with anyone but oh well.. what's an illustration without a cheesy description! BTW this is not the complete version!!)