Sometimes my mind gets so lost in thoughts that I lose touch with reality. Thoughts translate into worries and worries into moods. And then all I am left with is this innate need to just express.

Being an introvert, it’s not always that simple to express. Art helps me find that outlet. To ease myself of the unnecessary burdens that I carry on my shoulders.

So here it goes…

So many words spoken
And yet no conversation
Great amount of love
And yet some hesitation
There’s a volcano of emotions
Brewing in my heart
Waiting to erupt
And tear everything apart
The physical distance
Now seems real
No comforting hugs
Or kisses to steal
No smiles to cheer me up
Or words that make me blush
Or the mesmerizing gaze
That makes my heart rush
Only silence all around
And a mind that feels blue
Silence that waits patiently
Only to hear, “I Love You!”
A deafening silence
That comes at a high cost
For even though I have everything
My peace of mind is lost


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