Oocha Moocha Timba Rucha

This piece is only because I love her so much (even though she thinks otherwise). For those of you who don’t know her, here’s a brief introduction:


She’s my “college friend”. Which means I’ve voluntarily loved this monster for the past 71/2 years (remind me to check my sanity)! She is my multipurpose friend – in a sense that at times she is my confidante, my philosopher, my vent, my food buddy (even though she has the appetite of a 2 year old), my peer, my gossip partner, my Sherlock – whatever the situation demands. She truly is my soul sister!


What’s more – she “REALLY” gets along with him! They share a special bond – one that somehow I have to bear with (since I love them both – voluntarily). She’s the Joey to my Chandler. That’s why one day, I am going to adopt her. Just like him, she’s also MINE!


Within a moment you will see her travel all the way from throwing tantrums over a heart shaped balloon to advising me about my future. Her rainbow of emotions never ceases to amaze me. Her crazy messages brighten my day. And her fights over “not having enough time for her” make me break into laughter.


In a nutshell, if he is my love then she is my joy. They are two sides of my story.


Sweetheart I hope this public address assures you of my “UNDYING” love for you even though you are just a college friend!


Love you to the moon and back!!


PS: The illustration is not black and white. It’s just her wardrobe that lacks color!


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