You Complete Me

Love that makes you cry tears of joy, gaze that just turns you pink, giggles that don’t seem to stop and a weird sense of perpetual happiness – these were all emotions that I thought did not exist. At least not in real life. That is, of course, until he came along.


He walked into my life and flipped it completely. The other day one of my friends mentioned that I have opened up emotionally ever since he came along. That he has brought about a tremendous amount of positive change in my life. And I realised it was true. I’ve been so happy, carefree and emotionally strong and sound that I’ve finally had a chance to feel confident enough to voice myself. That too without fearing the consequences.


And I guess that is the power of true love. In the past two years, the unconditional support he has offered has really helped me grow. The calm that I feel with him helps me deal with all the drama that goes on in my life. And just the assurance that he is always there, no matter what, instills this amazing confidence in me. Makes me believe that I can conquer the world.


Now that I have him in my life, I can’t imagine a life without him. I know it sounds dramatic. But that’s how he makes me feel. That’s how fulfilling his love is. It’s not like I was missing out on life. Or that it lacked joy and color. But with him, there’s just a lot more meaning to it. There is never ending love and joy. And life is now filled with every possible shade that is bright and right!


I have always been surrounded by strong role models. A family that not only loved me but supported me too! So I never felt that I needed an additional someone to stand by me. I never felt life was empty. But with him – it’s just complete!


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